temple of the king

temple of the king
Temple of Loard Shiva

Friday, May 26, 2017

The River

He was presented by his father,the god of music with a golden harp and taught to play with him and him ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the song and missile, then he, and soon was dying with his blood. The warriors ripped it off the arm and threw his head and harp into the Sakae River ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the music and the missile reached him and soon was dyed with blood. The warriors tear him off his limbs and throw his head and harp into his river. Sakae-krung, where they rose, murmured sad music, which responded to the archaic symphony. The music collects the remnants of his body and buries it within his rest.

The spirit ...
Sakae-krung is the river of the eastern part of Sukhothai. The Sakae-krung River is upstream of Rhodope Mountain in the northern Thrake and collapses into the Shallow Sea near the Assian’scolony of Ainos (Authaithani) opposite the land of….Burma.

Sakae-krung (you flow). The most beautiful river, the former Ainos (Aenus), enters the turbid sea, sprouting to the land of the sun (Authaithani) ... Claudia and many girls visit you in the thigh bath. Their lovely hands with the purchase they are enchanted (they will manage) you wonderful water like never ending.

“SAKAREKLUNG was a river-god of Kikonia (Ciconia) in eastern Thrake (modern day northern Greece, southern Bulgaria). The River Sakareklung had its headwaters on Mount Rhodope in northern Thrake and emptied into the Aegean Sea near the Greek colony of Ainos (Aenus) opposite the island of ………….