temple of the king

temple of the king
Temple of Loard Shiva

Friday, May 26, 2017

The River

He was presented by his father,the god of music with a golden harp and taught to play with him and him ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the song and missile, then he, and soon was dying with his blood. The warriors ripped it off the arm and threw his head and harp into the Sakae River ... But the woman raised a scream and sank the tone of the music and the missile reached him and soon was dyed with blood. The warriors tear him off his limbs and throw his head and harp into his river. Sakae-krung, where they rose, murmured sad music, which responded to the archaic symphony. The music collects the remnants of his body and buries it within his rest.

The spirit ...
Sakae-krung is the river of the eastern part of Sukhothai. The Sakae-krung River is upstream of Rhodope Mountain in the northern Thrake and collapses into the Shallow Sea near the Assian’scolony of Ainos (Authaithani) opposite the land of….Burma.

Sakae-krung (you flow). The most beautiful river, the former Ainos (Aenus), enters the turbid sea, sprouting to the land of the sun (Authaithani) ... Claudia and many girls visit you in the thigh bath. Their lovely hands with the purchase they are enchanted (they will manage) you wonderful water like never ending.

“SAKAREKLUNG was a river-god of Kikonia (Ciconia) in eastern Thrake (modern day northern Greece, southern Bulgaria). The River Sakareklung had its headwaters on Mount Rhodope in northern Thrake and emptied into the Aegean Sea near the Greek colony of Ainos (Aenus) opposite the island of ………….

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

........Bisan's hunter

Mar 29, 2015 - Outside of Grand Canyon National Park, the bison hunt is among the most coveted Arizona hunting opportunities. Only a handful of tags are ...

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Bison or buffalo are large, even-toed ungulates in the genus Bison within the subfamily ..... See also[edit]. Bison hunting · National Bison Day (November 1 in the United States); Yellowstone Park bison herd ...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ms. Adams the secretary

  When Ms. Adams hired by me, Thon, as a new secretary,it wasn't because she came with good references or even because she had any typing experience, it was because the minute I saw this leggy, nurd beauty, I knew that I had to have her. It was a few day into her employment that she had submissive way to cope up with my picture' story..Although she acted shy and clumsy around typeing machine, she had ulterior motives for her peace of work...I think of all my friends I have known to brag about her but nobody's home I'm all alone to write this blog..

Friday, May 29, 2015

Tokyo Sq. :Within you'll remain

Eurydice, a beautiful wood nymph dies of a snake bite.
Overcome with grief, Orpheus starts to play some majorly sad songs on his lyre1. , and decides to heroically travel to the Underworld to free his main squeeze of love…
As he sang these tender strains, the very ghosts shed tears. Tantalus, in spite of his thirst, stopped for a moment his efforts for water, Ixion’s wheel stood still, the vulture ceased to tear the giant’s liver, the daughters of DanaĆ¼s rested from their task of drawing water in a sieve, and Sisyphus sat on his rock to listen. Then for the first time, it is said, the cheeks of the Furies were wet with tears. Proserpine could not resist, and Pluto himself gave way. Eurydice was called. She came from among the new-arrived ghosts, limping with her wounded foot. Orpheus was permitted to take her away with him on one condition, that he should not turn around to look at her till they should have reached the upper air. Under this condition they proceeded on their way, he leading, she following, through passages dark and steep, in total silence, till they had nearly reached the outlet into the cheerful upper world, when Orpheus, in a moment of forgetfulness, to assure himself that she was still following, cast a glance behind him, when instantly she was borne away. Stretching out their arms to embrace each other, they grasped only the air! Dying now a second time, she yet cannot reproach her husband, for how can she blame his impatience to behold her? “Farewell,” she said, “a last farewell,”—and was hurried away, so fast that the sound hardly reached his ears.
Orpheus endeavored to follow her, and be sought permission to return and try once more for her release; but the stern ferryman repulsed him and refused passage. Seven days he lingered about the brink, without food or sleep; then bitterly accusing of cruelty the powers of Erebus, he sang his complaints to the rocks and mountains, melting the hearts of tigers and moving the oaks from their stations. He held himself aloof from womankind, dwelling constantly on the recollection of his sad mischance. The Thracian maidens tried their best to captivate him, but he repulsed their advances. They bore with him as long as they could; but finding him insensible one day, excited by the rites of Bacchus, one of them exclaimed, “See yonder our despiser!” and threw at him her javelin. The weapon, as soon as it came within the sound of his lyre, fell harmless at his feet. So did also the stones that they threw at him.